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We produce pattern equipment for the foundry production (handmade and machine shaping), patterns for the shaping of plastic, laminate patterns and other patterns according to the customer request.

Used materials:

  • Solid timber
  • Large-space materials
  • Plastic materials and casting resins
  • Styrofoam
  • Aluminum
  • Brass
  • Cast iron
  • Steel

Our pattern–shop offers:

  • Handmade production
  • CAD/CAM technology and CNC machining
    • Three-axis machining centre for wood, plastic, styrofoam and soft metal machining
    • Five-axis machining centre for wood, plastic, styrofoam and soft metal machining
    • Three-axis machining centres for metal machining
    • Elaboration of the submitted 3D data
    • Creation of 3D data from the submitted drawing documentation
    • Elaboration of the technical documentation from the submitted sample of a model or a casting
  • Reparation and modification of model equipment according to the requests of foundries

Wooden patterns

drev_model01 drev_model02 drev_model03 drev_model04 drev_model05 drev_model06 drev_model07 drev_model08 drev_model09 drev_model10 drev_model11 drev_model12

Patterns from plastic materials and casting resins

model_pryskyrice01 model_pryskyrice02 model_pryskyrice03 model_pryskyrice04 model_pryskyrice05 model_pryskyrice06 model_pryskyrice07 model_pryskyrice08 model_pryskyrice09 model_pryskyrice10 model_pryskyrice11 model_pryskyrice12

Metal patterns

kov_model01 kov_model02 kov_model03 kov_model04 kov_model05 kov_model06 kov_model07 kov_model08 kov_model09 kov_model10 kov_model11 kov_model12

Styrofoam patterns

polystyren_model01 polystyren_model02 polystyren_model03 polystyren_model04 polystyren_model05 polystyren_model06 polystyren_model07 polystyren_model08


formy01 formy02 formy03 formy04 formy05 formy06 formy07 formy08 formy09

Are you interested in our complete solution?

Were you attracted by our service or any of our products? We prepared a complete supply for you which consists of elaboration of the technical documentation, production of the pattern, supply of the casting or the machined casting.

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